Want to Volunteer?

You can demonstrate the virtue of Citizenship and Humility by volunteering your time and expertise at Archway Lincoln.  The efforts of PSO cannot succeed without the time and talent of our volunteers. We need you!

Mrs. Toyin Atolagbe, Lincoln’s headmaster, believes that a school is a partnership between Teachers, Administration, Students and Parents. It takes every one of these working in partnership to ensure the success of our school. She wants us to think of our school like a spider web. Everyone here is a thread in the web. When a thread breaks, the web is not stable. So ask yourself, where are you on the web of Lincoln?

Click here to see the volunteer opportunities currently available. Check back regularly to see new volunteer sign ups as things get added each month.

In addition, there’s a quick contact form at the bottom of this page that you can fill out to let us know where you want to help. We’ll get in touch with you soon!

Note that all volunteers who work with students must be fingerprint cleared before working in school. If your child attended another Great Hearts school last year and you were fingerprint cleared there, contact Great Hearts HR to have your fingerprint card transferred to Archway Lincoln.