Spring Festival

2018-19 Theme: A Celebration of Culture

April 13th 1pm-5pm

For questions contact Cathy Post at pso@archwaylincoln.org

Class Booth and Volunteer Assignments:

Class Continent Assigned Culture Chosen Volunteer assignment
KA & KB Africa Inflatable 1
KC & KD Asia India First Aid tent
1A & 1B Europe Inflatable 2
1C & 1D North America Inflatable 3
2A & 2B South America Cake walk
2C & 2D New Zealand New Zealand Inflatable 4
3A & 3B Africa Egypt Wristband tent
3C & 3D Asia Inflatable 5
4A & 4B Europe Inflatable 6
4C & 4D North America Inflatable 7
5A & 5B South America Inflatable 8
5C & 5D Australia Inflatable 9

Volunteer Resources:

Booth Requirements

Booth Approval Form