Kids’ Night Out Options


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Can’t find a sitter for the little ones so you can join us for Parents’ Night Out? Check out a couple of local options for childcare. They have a blast, you have a blast. It’s a win-win!

Please note that none of these suggestions constitute an endorsement of service from Archway Lincoln or the PSO. It is merely meant to provide parents with possible childcare resources.

Aspire Kids Sports Center

Need a night out without the kids? Bring them to Aspire from 5:30-9:30 pm for 4 hours of gymnastics, open gym, games, movies, and fun with friends. Pizza and drink are provided. Sign up early as space is limited.

Time: 5:30-9:30 pm
Ages: 3-13
Additional Info: Visit here.


“Trust us to provide your kids with a night of non-stop bouncing, games, movies – without any help from Mom and Dad. It’s more fun (and probably less expensive) than hiring a sitter, and it’s a hassle-free way to give the entire family an unforgettable night.”

Time: 5:30-9:30 pm
Ages: 4-12
Additional Info: Visit here.

PLAYlive Nation

“Parents work hard and deserve a night out every so often. That’s why PLAYlive Nation is offering a new program called Parent’s Night Out! Every Friday and Saturday at 6:00pm we will offer parents the chance to drop off their kids (age 8-12) for three hours and get some time to themselves. We provide the entertainment and snacks which is all included in a low ticket price”

Time: 6-9 pm
Ages: 8-12
Additional Info: Visit here.

The Little Gym

“Our Parents’ Survival Nights out let you enjoy some adult time to see a movie, catch up with friends or enjoy a meal without—ahem—your pint-sized food critics in tow. Meanwhile, your children get some quality “kid time” in a safe, fun, familiar place with trained instructors who lead them through music, games, and fun LEGO® DUPLO® and LEGO® Juniors building activities.”

Time: 6-10 pm
Ages: 3-12
Additional Info: Visit here.