Birthday Book Club

Birthday Book Club has been adjusted for 2020-21. Keep Reading further down the page for info specific to this school year.

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To help facilitate the growth of our library, Archway Lincoln has adopted the Birthday Book Club instead of in-class birthday celebrations.

Here’s how it works:

(read below for how it will work for 2020-21)

Every month beginning in August, PSO will invite all birthday students celebrating that month, and their parents, to the library to enjoy treats and sing “Happy Birthday.” We have listed the dates and times for each celebration below.

The celebration is open to all students, regardless of whether they contribute to BBC; however, only those students who have donated funds may put their name on a book sticker and receive a special birthday bookmark.

To participate in the Birthday Book Club:   

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Go to our PSO Store and select BBC or click here. Make a $20 donation per child. Indicate your child’s name, teacher and birthday month.

PSO uses any funds collected to buy books for the library, to buy supplies for birthday book club and the library and to fund Literacy Night and the Read-a-thon in October. If a monetary donation is made in your child’s honor your child will choose from a wide variety of books purchased by our library volunteers and will get to affix the following sticker to the inside cover.


The book will forever bear the sticker with their name, and students who check out the book in the future will have fun seeing who selected it. Following the celebration, your student will have the opportunity to check out their chosen book at their next library time.  Our students are proud of their lasting addition to the library!

Here’s how it works in 2020-2021 for Brick and Mortar Students:

Every month our administration will sing happy birthday over the Intercom System to our students that are celebrating that month. The PSO library volunteers will visit each classroom on the dates listed below during their lunch period and will give each student a treat.  For those students who have elected to participate in the Birthday Book Club, we will have a cart filled with books for them to choose from and place his/her name on sticker in the book.  Those that donate will get a sucker and bookmark/pencil as recognition for their donation. Donate here.

Here’s how it works in 2020-2021 for Distance Learners:

We are committed to ensure that every child can enjoy treats and recognition on their birthday, and the children who contribute to the library will be proud of “their” lasting addition to the library! Because your student is not in the building we are offering two options:

  1. Library volunteers will be at the student entrance from 9 am – 10 am on dates listed below. You may bring your child to select a candy and then if you chose to participate in our Birthday Book Club program, they can select their donation book, write their name on the sticker and receive a sucker and bookmark/pencil. Or…
  2. Send your child’s name and address to and we will send your student a bookmark and birthday wish in the mail.  If you chose to participate in the Birthday Book Club program, our BBC volunteer coordinator will contact you with a selection of books. You can have your child choose which of those books they wish to have their name written in as their donation to the library
  3. Donate here

If you have any further questions please email

Here are upcoming dates:

Birthday MonthBrick and Mortar (during student’s lunch time)Distance Learners
(9am-10am at student entrance, West side of building)
July, August, SeptemberFriday, September 18Saturday, September 19
OctoberFriday, October 23Saturday, October 24
NovemberFriday, November 20Saturday, November 21
DecemberFriday, December 11Saturday, December 12
JanuaryFriday, January 22Saturday, January 23
FebruaryFriday, February 19Saturday, February 20
MarchFriday, March 26Saturday, March 27
AprilFriday, April 23Saturday, April 24
May/JuneFriday, May 21Saturday, May 22