Birthday Book Club

35816867 - happy birthday cupcakesTo help facilitate the growth of our library, Archway Lincoln has adopted the Birthday Book Club instead of in-class birthday celebrations.

The celebration is open to all students, regardless of whether they contribute to BBC; however, only those students who have donated either funds or a book may put their name on a book sticker and receive a special birthday bookmark.

Here’s how it works:

Every month beginning in August, PSO will invite all birthday students celebrating that month, and their parents, to the library to enjoy treats and sing “Happy Birthday.” We have listed the dates and times for each celebration below.

There are three ways for you to participate in the Birthday Book Club:    Screenshot 2017-07-25 07.26.36

To donate a book, go to our book donation tab on the PSO website under the library tab and choose a book that fits in with Great Hearts specifications. We would prefer a library bound/hardback book for durability. Fill out a registration form: BBC Registration 2017-18. Insert the form in the front of the selected book and place it in the PSO mailbox at the front desk at least one week before the celebration. The sticker shown below will be affixed in the book and your child will get to put his/her name in the book during the celebrationScreenshot 2017-07-25 07.26.46

Go to our PSO Store and select BBC or click here. Make a $20 donation per child. Indicate your child’s name, teacher and birthday month

Fill out this registration form: Screenshot 2017-07-25 07.26.56BBC Registration 2017-18 and attach a check made out to Archway Lincoln PSO and return it to the PSO mailbox at the front desk.


PSO uses any funds collected to buy books for the library based on a list established by teachers and headmasters. If a monetary donation is made in your child’s honor your child will choose from a wide variety of books purchased by our library volunteers and will get to affix the following sticker to the inside cover.


balloonsThe book will forever bear the sticker with their name, and students who check out the book in the future will have fun seeing who selected it. Following the celebration, your student will have the opportunity to check out their chosen book at their next library time.

The monthly celebration ensures that every child can enjoy treats and recognition on their birthday, and the children who contribute to the library will be proud of “their” lasting addition to the library!

All the celebrations are held in the library. Here are the dates:

Birthday Month Date of Celebration Time of Celebration
July/August K-2 Friday, August 18 2:30 pm
July/August 3-5 Friday, August 18 2:45 pm
September Friday, September 15 2:45 pm
October Friday, October 20 2:45 pm
November Monday, November 13 2:30 (K-2) & 2:45 pm (3-5)
December Tuesday, December 12 2:30 (K-2) & 2:45 pm (3-5)
½ Kindergarten July-December Tuesday, December 12 11:30 am
January Thursday, January 18 2:30 (K-2) & 2:45 pm (3-5)
February Friday, February 16 2:30 (K-2) & 2:45 pm (3-5)
March Thursday, March 22 2:30 (K-2) & 2:45 pm (3-5)
April Monday, April 30 2:30 (K-2) & 2:45 pm (3-5)
Tuesday, May 15 2:30 (K-2) & 2:45 pm (3-5)
½ Kindergarten January-June Tuesday, May 15 11:30 am

We Need Your Help

The Birthday Book Club is a PSO run event. It is a small commitment of time (no more than 30 minutes) and it is an amazing way to celebrate our kids and see how our library grows. If you wish to help out with this event in any given month please sign up here: BBC Volunteers

We look forward to seeing you!