Donations and Volunteers for Mother-Son Shindig

No event would be successful without help. Please consider donating your time or some of the items we need to make the party fun!


Please check out this sign-up genius to see how you can help before and during the event. As always, thank you for your commitment to making this a great event for everyone!

Water Donations

Rather than ask parents to truck in cases of water, we’re asking parents to donate money towards purchasing it. The Event committee will take care of purchasing the water and getting it to the event. You can make the following donations:

  • $10 (for 3 cases)
  • $20 (for 6 cases)
  • $30 (for 9 cases)

Any water that isn’t used will be donated to the End-of-Year Pool Party. Thank you for your help!

$10/3 Cases
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$20/6 Cases
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$30/9 Cases
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If you have any questions, please email Archway Lincoln PSO.