Parent Positive Series: Organizing School Papers

Good morning, Archway Lincoln families! One of the goals PSO has this year is to help parents manage all the challenges that come with raising kids. Therefore, we’ve started the Parent Positive Series, which includes blog posts (like this one!) and talks given by professionals about a variety of topics that help parents navigate parenthood.

Today we present our first blog post in the series. Katy Krupnik is a professional organizer and owner of The Tidy Cottage. Her oldest daughter attends Archway Lincoln and she is also involved with PSO on the Communications Team. You might have seen her posts on our Facebook group! Katy is here today to give you some tips on creating a command center at your home, and organizing all the school papers that come home with your children (especially if you have multiple kids).

Comments will be open on this post so you can ask questions and get answers. We encourage you to reach out.

Without any further ado, we welcome, Katy!

Organizing School Papers – Command Center Help
by Katy Krupnik

The school year is in full swing and the papers are flowing. Every year it is surprising just how many papers these little kiddos can bring home each week! One area that I highly recommend to my organizing clients with school-aged children is a “command center.” It is a cheesy name but cheesy or not it is a lifesaver when the school year rolls around.

A command center is pretty simple to create; in fact you can do it in three easy steps:

Step One: Find an area close to where the paper piles up in your home. For one of my organizing clients the papers tended to pile up in the hallway and we found the perfect alcove near the garage door in the hallway. This client already had the perfect spot to store her papers, we just needed to work through what was already there and add some handy paper sorters!command-center-before

Step Two: Figure out what papers needs to be stored on a daily basis. This client has two children so they needed two paper trays and I always add a tray for the parents (when papers need to be signed, upcoming events..etc) so altogether she needed at least three paper trays. command-center-after

Step Three: Figure out what long term papers you want stored. This client wanted to sort through and keep some of her kids’ papers. I recommended a bigger box to be kept in the cabinet where school papers can be stored throughout the year, before getting sorted into long-term storage.

There are a ton of Pinterest ideas on how to store children’s papers but they all take time, which is hard to come by during the school year. If you have school papers stored in one area it won’t take long to sort through a years worth of papers at the end of the school year and then you won’t feel behind every time you get another school paper. This client chose to store her child’s papers in a memory tube, which was such a fun idea!memory-keeper

Other items you can add to your command center are a calendar, a place to store everyday shoes, a change jar, a drop zone for your husband’s wallet and pocket contents, and so much more.

Here are pictures of my command center at home.


We have a drop zone for shoes and backpacks, four paper trays, an organizer for pencils and crayons, and a basket for my husband’s wallet and pocket items, which is on the top level.command-center-zoom-in

Hope these tips can help in your command center journey! If you have questions or would like some help creating a command center in your home, feel free to contact me.

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