“Thank You” from a Member of Our Community

26481955 - thank you inscription, hand drawn

In May, many of you were made aware of the need for assistance by one of our Archway Lincoln community members. She had a newborn and a toddler and unexpectedly found herself a single parent.

The outpouring of support — in the form of store gift cards, diapers, baby food, personal hygiene items, clothing, baby furniture and supplies — was overwhelming and much appreciated.

Below is a thank you letter from Ann Hull, the recipient of your kindness.

Dear Care and Concern Committee and the Thoughtful Families of Archway Lincoln,

I would first like to introduce myself. My name is Ann and I work at Archway Lincoln in the ESS department. I am a fairly young (now single) mom of two boys;  Elijah who will be two in October and Josiah who will be three months on August 5th. The three of us would like to extend our gratitude for all you have done and given to our family. This transition has been a struggle and at times impossible but with your contributions, it has been much easier had we done it alone.

My family, especially my parents, also thank you.  Having children of your own I am sure you know how it feels to watch your children struggle and want badly to make their trials easier. Seeing me go through this trying time definitely fueled a bitter taste towards my (newly) ex-husband in my dad and I know if he had the financial means, he would have helped. I know for a fact he is grateful to all of your generosity.

The most surprising and inspiring part of all this is the willingness and quantity of help I received. You hear about these acts of kindness on the news and think how how nice that was. Never did I think I would be on the receiving end of such good deeds. I do not have cancer. No one in my family passed away. My home did not burn down with all my possessions. I was simply a struggling mom and fellow community member. Yet I was given so much aid. And that is uplifting; to know that kindness and generosity has no guideline of severity to start. Kindness has no definition of who is more deserving than others. Kindness has no boundaries. Kindness begin as soon as someone needs it. A little or a lot. For a while or for a minute.

So, thank you. Thank you to the families, to the friends, and those that may never meet me but did not hesitate to give to my little family. I wish I could thank all of you individually. To meet you and hug you and show you how happy my boys are because mom remained sane with your help. I know there are people that only popped in to help and don’t even consider it in their daily thoughts to wait for a “thank you”. I just hope this letter of appreciation reaches as many as it can. My greatest hope from this experience is that I may one day be able to give back more than I was given.


Ann, Elijah, and Josiah Hull

Ann, PSO is glad you’re doing well!

If any member of our Archway Lincoln community is struggling in any way, or facing challenges of any kind, we encourage you to reach out. The Archway Lincoln Care and Concern committee is here to help. If desired, your circumstances will be kept confidential.

If you are interested in being a part of the Care and Concern Committee or wish to volunteer your time with PSO in any way, please email Archway Lincoln PSO.