Teacher Appreciation on Tuesday: What Are You Bringing?

IMG_6679 2
This is one of the wonderful meals we provided teachers earlier this year. Let’s do the same for November/December!

While we’ve all had thoughts of turkey and cranberries on our minds the last couple weeks, it’s time to turn our attention to the teachers who work so hard for our children.

Teacher Appreciation for November and December birthdays is on TUESDAY, December 1st! The theme is Soup and Salad and we are woefully short on volunteers to bring items such as napkins, bowls, plastic ware, dessert, soup, bread, and salad items.

Please view the sign-up for November/December Teacher Appreciation and volunteer your time or soup-and-salad-making expertise.

Each month, our teachers have been wowed by the great food we’ve provided them. Let’s not let them down.

Thank you in advance for your help!